Welcome to my Website!

Picture_0621bThis is the Website of British Composer Ben Emberley.  Here, you’ll find out all about Ben, how he became involved in Music, how he grew up with Music constantly around him, how it shaped his love of Classical Music, and pointed him in the direction which he chose to take his life in.  In addition to the many aspects of music he immerses himself in, you’ll also find out more about his other loves and passions, which have helped mould him further, especially growing up in the Videogame Generation, it forms a part of his world today in connection with his music.

Here, you will find out about how he writes his music, what inspires and motivates his musical dreams, and also what he may be able to offer you!  As a multi-talented musician, a Composer, Conductor, Orchestrator, Transcriber, as well as an Organist, there is much that he can give!!