Composing is a big part of my love of music; I have been composing for over 20 years, and my output consists of Organ works, String Quartets, Piano Sonatas and Choral pieces. Although my main form of composition is contrapuntal, the ability to create sounds and experiment with different musical ideas is a skill I have always valued.  Here, you can find my compositional output.


Works for Organ:

Symphony No. 1, a (2001)

Prelude and Fugue, e (2002)

Fantasia and Fugue on “BACH”, b flat (2002)

Fantasia on the Chorale “Nun freut euch, Lieben Christen g’mein”, G (2002)

Fantasia on the Chorale “Wachtet Auf ruft uns die Stimme”, E flat (2002)

Symphony No. 2, d (2003)

3 Fantasias, d, e, c sharp (2003)

Improvisation, E flat (2003)

Royal Voluntary, d (2003)

Fantasia and Fugue on the KSR Commemoration Hymn, C (2004)

Fantasia and Fugue, d (2004)

Hommage to Mercury, (2004)

“Jubilate” Prelude and Fugue, (2007)


Works for Piano Solo

Piano Sonata, G (2008)

Variations on “Comptine d’un autre ete”, e (2015)


Choral Works

Three Carols, G, e, G (2002)

“Der Mensch lebt”, g (2004)

“Kyrie Eleison”, d (2005)

God is my Refuge (2006)

Carol “Liebster Jesu”, G (2008)


Chamber Music

Baroque Suite, D (2007)

String Quartet, E flat (2010)

Piano Sonata for 4 Hands, G (2010)

Capriccio Concertate for solo unaccompanied Violin, e (2008)


More pieces will be added to this list when they are completed.

NOTE – Many of these compositions are subject to revision or in the process of being revised.